Analyzing Scope Creep

Analyzing Scope Creep

In today’s generation with increasing project assignments there are often unforeseen obstacles that pop up during the launch of the project. I recalled working on a project that was centered on my previous agency’s Child Support Automated Management System (CAMS). CAMS is actively used statewide to evaluate and communicate on new and existing child support cases. Some major features of CAMS are the ability to monitor incoming and outgoing payments, send and receive transmittals’ requests or replies, add or revise business partners’ information, provide notation on cases that are reviewed, review and maintain attachments that are sent to or from other states, establish paternity and/or support, etc. The problem with using CAMS is that on a daily basis the system fails or the system prohibits certain functions from being accessed while reviewing a case. Management decided that will assign a team to gather all vital information for problems that occurs during daily operation. At the initial project assignment management assign a few people to work on the project within a week timeframe. A scope creep was that management shorten the time to work on the project to three days. It meant that we had to rush to complete the task. I realize after the project was over that a solution to the problem could have been to assign certain people to work on certain teams in order to cover all problems of CAMS.






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