Blog Assignment: Learning from a Project “ Post-mortem”

Blog Assignment: Learning from a Project “ Post-mortem”

Throughout the previous course, our team developed the “Beginner’s Guide to Tweeting” as an instructional that will reflect the importance of the principles of instructional design. Each member had to contribute to the instructional plan/module by building concepts from the Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Evaluation model also referred to as ADDIE (Kruse, 2009). Our instructional plan/module was geared towards educating and promoting the use of Twitter within a company and partner companies. A successful project must be well planned and managed throughout the entire project (Portny et al., 2008).

The guide introduced employees within a company on how to get started by creating an account, navigating Twitter, using the appropriate terminology, and applying the newly found knowledge to stay up-to-date with industry news, clients, and network on Twitter (JLCCR Instructional Designers, 2014). Of the ADDIE process, I was group member E which my role consisted of completing the procedural analysis, multimedia design, instructional plan and summary, and finalizing the entire project. Basically, my role evaluated, built upon the existing knowledge, or summarized the different sections. I think when all the sections of the ADDIE process was composed and put together as one completed project that it help contributed to the success of educating our students. I think that if we used more enhancement tools throughout the project would have been more successful and the process could have been expedited.


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