In today’s generation it is crucial to embrace distance learning especially if you are looking to become a successful Instructional Designer (ID) and further your career. Distance learning has become one of the most commonly used forms of learning in the education industry. Reflecting back throughout this course, I have learned the impact that distance learning has had on education, industry, and instructional design. I’ve learned that on-line learning is also known as distance learning throughout the world (Simonson, Smaldino, & Zvacek, 2015). I learned various distance learning theories and how they relate to distance learning. I’ve learned different technology tools and how to design a successful orientation using CourseSites.

Now, moving ahead to the future of distance learning and how it will change the educational industry. Distance learning is vastly increasing in the educational intuitions as well as in the work field. I think that the enrollment in distance learning online courses will be sufficiently higher than the enrollment in a traditional or blended course. I think online course will be more successful and used more because of the convenience and flexibility that it grants the students. I think that technology advance will also allow distance learning to become more interactive and allow the instructional designer or instructor to have more evolvement in the direction of how he/she will like the class to be centered around. I overall think that the educational industry will grow because of the demand for convenience, cost efficient, and flexibility.

As an instructional designer, I could be a proponent for improving societal perceptions of distance learning by providing insight to an audience on the many benefits and advantages of distance learning such as flexibility, variety of selection for course program, and no travel time (NJVU, 2011). I can inform that distance learning enhances the effectiveness of the learner by utilizing various technology tools such as discussion boards, assignments, modules, etc. I can inform that distance learning will help close the gap between geographic and resources problems. I will be a positive force for continuous improvement in the field of distance education by using my creativity to come up with new ideas on ways to enhance existing technologies. I will search for more innovative ways to connect to with the students and have them engage in the lesson.

In closing, distance learning is the newest and most exciting form of learning in a classroom environment. The future of distance learning can be foreseen as drastically increasing. Informing the others of the many benefits of distance learning will make a major impact on the perceptions of distance learning. Utilizing creativity can reduce the perceptions as well as reinforce a positive view on distance learning.


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Simonson, M., Smaldino, S., & Zvacek, S. (2015). Teaching and learning at a distance: Foundations of distance education (6th ed.) Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.

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