EDUC-6135-1 Distance Learning

Blog Assignment: Defining Distance Learning

Distance education is another term used in the educational field (Simonson, Smaldino, & Zvacek, 2015). Distance learning is the latest trend throughout the world and should be embraced. In today’s generation, it is important that the educational industry keeps up with the changes in technology to ensure a successful distance learning program. Understanding how the role of distance learning affects the learning process in every work or school environment is the key to ensuring that the learning process continues to flourish.

In this week’s lesson, we have discovered that distance learning provides a convenience to learners. In addition, we have learned the impact it has on everyone that seeks use this convenience. In this blog I will discuss my personal thoughts on distance learning especially in the work field. I will inform my previous thoughts on distance learning, my new/revised thoughts, and my view on the vision of distance learning.

Before this course distance learning to me was defined as the opportunity to learn instructional material without attending a physical location. I had prior knowledge that shaped my mind to know that distance learning allow me as a learner to attend courses via web-based or self-pace without attending a traditional classroom setting. For example, during my undergrad I completed some courses via web-based. Originally, I thought that web-based allowed students to set up their own schedule for completing assignments however, it did not happen that way. In most of the distance learning courses that I’ve encountered the program had a strict schedule for completing the assignments.

On the other hand, in the work field distance learning does allows me the opportunity to set up training courses based on my scheduling needs. As an employee, it is convenient for me to complete trainings via distance learning rather than attending an actual classroom setting because it allows me the chance to assist more clients. With the help of distance learning, I can now complete scheduled training via web on topics such as safeguarding confidential information and effective customer service.

Since this week’s lesson my view on the distance learning definition has expanded. I now consider distance learning more than a convenient way to complete course. I have determined that there are many more advantages besides convenience that is associated with distance learning. I have discovered that there are advantages and disadvantage (as seen below within the mind map). Some advantages are cost efficient, scheduling needs, pace of course, and reduced travel to attend a class (NJVU,2011). The advantages and disadvantages work together to help ensure distance learning success is achieved. The vision of distance learning can be applied to any environment if it’s fully analyzed for costs, quality of course instructions, convenience, and the overall need for the learner.


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Simonson, M., Smaldino, S., & Zvacek, S. (2015). Teaching and learning at a distance: Foundations of distance education (6th ed.) Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing.


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    Just wanted to let you know that I am following your blog and looking forward to working with you in the Distance Learning course. Thanks

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