Mapping Your Learning Connections

Mapping Your Learning Connections

My network changed the way I learned by allowing me to have flexibility. I recalled when I was growing up it was only traditional courses offered at school. However, nowadays there are many online environments that allow an individual to further their education. I have sat in the traditional course to learn which I discovered that it hindered my schedule. I realized that my network change allowed me to reap the benefits for enrolling in online programs.

With technology advances it amazing that we have various digital tools available to be used. I have used different devices such as IPad, IPod Touch, Laptop, smartphones, and other digital tools that allowed me to enhance my learning. All those tools required the use of the internet to surf and research different topics. I have used those tools to gather peer review information as well as read scholarly articles and experts’ opinions. I am extremely glad that it is more efficient to gather research from online library versus the local library in my community.

I learn new knowledge from conducting research on the top at hand. I learned from reading various sources that will provide a wide view of information. I select my information by ensuring that it is free from basis opinions and is backed by facts. I have looked at debates that pose opposing views that will allow me to reach my own conclusion. I also learn from my teachers, peers, coworkers, family, friends, and anyone else willing to provide their view on a topic. I learned that everyone learns differently so it is to be expected that the way others acquired new knowledge will differ from mines.

My personal network supports the central tenets of connectivism because it allows me to analyze my thought process. My mind map allowed others to view where I collect information and allow the audience insight into my mind.

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