The Doorway to Professional Learning Communities

As technology and innovation changes so does the need to spread vital information through online communication. Online communication allows a presenter to inform others across the world. It creates the chance to allow dialogues and many different views to be shared. Through searching other blogs and online training material, I learned more information to contribute to my instructional design and technology journey.

Helpful IDT Resources Written

This blog created a brainstorm on what is needed to become an instructional designer. It explained what it takes to create an engaging blog that will spark others interest. The blog leads the reader to understand the learning style of its audience. It discussed research that was conducted and the findings of the research. The blog provided information from other blogs and corporate training on instructional design. The blog provides tips on “communications skills, course content, and successful delivery of information” (Perez, 2011). Following the tips provided in the blog will allow individuals to fully engage in the concept of instructional design and technology.

Top Tools for Online Teaching

This blog listed and discussed multiple tools that an instructional designer or teacher could use to reach its audience. The blog composed a list of 99 tools that was rated in the top five for online colleges. The tools identified can create a forum that online instructional designer teachers and learners could use to communicate intriguing class material. The three tools that caught my eye were Clickclass, Smartbuilder, and Prezi.

Clickclass allows a publisher to post information that users can use to manage online learning. The fee is contingent on recruiting others to view the material. Smartbuilder grants anyone with an interest in creating an online course the opportunity to do so without having to write a code to create the course.  Prezi is a virtual whiteboard (similar to blackboard used in schools) that allows individuals to share ideas and communicate.

Baby Steps to Online Teaching and Learning

This blog was interesting because it focused on getting others involved with teaching online courses. It allows instructional design teachers to take small steps towards online teaching and getting students involved. It provided tips from ways to spark conversations among the students to self-check tools to capture how effective the materials is to the students.


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